fredag 27 januari 2017


US version of the debute album, first issued there six weeks after UK. Only difference in tracking is "I Need You Baby" was omitted and replaced by their first US single "Not Fade Away" (Billboard #48), not appearing on a UK LP until the November 1966 compilation "Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass)". Sleeve design is about the same as UK - front image is larger on this with a "Free full color photo of the Rolling Stones inside" stamp bottom left and "Start A Rolling Stone fan-club..." boxed on rear. Audio very similar though the US is a bit less bassy than a UK 1st, thus coming through slightly sharper and more offensive. Not a big difference, but it's there. I showed this to a friend the other day and he said - what's the use...if you have all UK pressings this just seems redundant. For me it's not that simple. I can get lost in the small details and also since it is an early press of the debute from the worlds most known rock'n'roll band made for the biggest record market it might be an obligatory for the collecting fan. This copy seems to be transitional. Cover is from the original 1964 "ffrr" issue, while the record has the first un-boxed, maroon non-ffrr label, probably early 1965. Sadly the promised color photo wasn't included, maybe they were out of them by then. (RÅ*) (YZÄ*) (ÖXCÅ*)

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