fredag 26 augusti 2016


Original score to a British movie about the adventures of 18th century burglar Jack Sheppard, starring Tommy Steele in the title role. Though the film itself wasn't much appreciated, flunked at the box office and soon forgotten, this soundtrack has a remaining high quality making it worthwhile for both collectors and music lovers in general. Written by awarded American composer Elmer Bernstein and performed by his orchestra the pieces chosen here can be typed as somewhere between classic baroque and baroque pop - smooth yet emotional with drama involved. Eleven instrumentals coupled with four vocal - two sang by Mary Hopkin ("courtesy of Apple Records") and two by Irish folk singer Danny Doyle ("courtesy of Tribune Records"). I don't usually go for soundtracks, the reason I bought it is I try to collect Mary Hopkin and this is the only place where you can find these particular numbers of hers on vinyl. Counted as two separate tracks - "Where's Jack" and "Last Moments" - it's actually more of a long suite cut into two, starting and ending the album. Her voice is as beautiful as ever with its irrestistible blend of natural beauty and control, here nicely supported by baroque pop arrangements. That alone makes it an album well worth having. Reissued on CD 1998 (Trickertape Records TT 3008) , then coupled with the soundtrack to another movie - "Kidnapped". To my knowledge this was the only vinyl release. It came with label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (FÄV*) (ZÖNT*)

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