fredag 5 augusti 2016


This is one of the older copies in my collection and a true love of mine. Bought close to release and stayed with me since, through thick and thin. Back then it was a revelation, at least for us Stones fans. 50+ minutes playing time with one song - "Goin' Home" - beyond eleven minutes and an abundance of good music in various styles, all penned by the band. Today one might say it's an even split between classics and at best interesting fillers, but I remain with my original impression where every track is a gem. I can even put "Mother's Little Helper", "Lady Jane", "Under My Thumb", "Out Of Time" and "Stupid Girl" aside as I feel equally at home with some of the less famed cuts. "Think" is a psych killer with the bombastic fuzz in the background. "Doncha Bother Me", "Filght 505" and "Goin' Home" very transparent garage beauties. "High And Dry", "I Am Waiting" and "What To Do" may have been received as trifles now and then, but to my ears very cool catchy pieces not far from what's on "Between The Buttons". Of the around eighty albums - counting studio, live and compilations - from the band so far, this will always place somewhere on my top ten...and I keep on listening and enjoying. First US on London (LL 3476/PS 476) came with other sleeve design as an eleven track, omitting "Out Of Time", What To Do", "Take It Or Leave It" and "Mother's Little Helper", but adding "Paint It Black". Frequently issued and reissued in every possible format through the years with various track choices. Early UK had ridged label as shown here, thick vinyl, laminated cover (a few with shadowed fonts on front) and "handeling/playing" inner. (RÅ*)

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