måndag 13 juni 2016


For background check post on their debute "Stay With The Hollies". While that fits as a garage style cover album, this follow-up has seven tracks written by the band (under pseudonym "Ransford") with a more directed outcome. Listening closely it's easy to figure out producer Ron Richards had a past as assistant for George Martin and at the time still a disciple, since many of the songs come with Beatle-like arrangements and production. That could be something good, but here it's more of an obstacle. When the sound is so similar you can't help collating and measure it as copying. In this case a pity cause there are lots of good things going on behind that surface - the harmony vocals, songwriting and sheer energy of it all - still somewhat unredeemed but with enough magic to please. So...again...I'd wish for less Beatles influence and more...in the Hollies style. Favorite tracks - "Too Much Monkey Business", "To You My Love" and "It's In Her Kiss". Contemporary releases in a couple of European countries and downunder, but to my knowledge not issued in any form in US. Canadian 1965 on Capitol (T 6143) came with same title and similar cover design, but was in fact a compilation, coupling five tracks from this with five UK non-LP 45 cuts, one from their third eponymous album and one previously unissued. Reissued as vinyl (BGOLP 8) and CD (BGOCD 8) on UK BGO Records. Japan 2014 CD in mini-LP sleeve on Parlophone (WPCR-15416) came with both mono and stereo versions plus seven bonus tracks. Premiere UK, in mono only, had label as shown here with "Recording first published 1964", laminated flip/back cover and rice-paper-lined Emitex inner. (PÖX*) (HÖLY*)

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