torsdag 16 juni 2016


UK EMI sampler digging deep in the vaults with lots of oddities from the late sixties, mixing single cuts with ones from rare LP:s. Tomorrow "My White Bicycle", Locomotive "Mr Armageddon" and Love Sculpture "The Stumble" came from regular albums and Yardbirds "Happening Ten Years Time Ago" showed up on a US "Greatest Hits" almost simultaneously, but the remaining twelve cuts were 45 only. Artwoods "What Shall I Do" a 1967 A-side with Jon Lord and Keef Hartley. "Light Of The Charge Brigade" an obscure 1966 instrumental from Pretty Things former drummer Viv Prince. "Baby's Rich" a non-LP A-side by Ken Hensley's sixties band The Gods. The 1966 A-side "I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Around" by Shotgun Express, at the time including Rod Stewart, Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood. "The Moles" were a temporary pseudonym for UK band Simon Dupree & The Big Sound before they reformed as Gentle Giant and the combined A-B side "We Are The Moles" included here is very good period psych. Further The Action's 1966 A-side "Baby You've Got It", Roulettes "The Long Cigarrette" with a young Russ Ballard, Rod Stewarts "Shake" A-side before he joined Jeff Beck Goup, Tony Rivers & The Castaways 1966 "God Only Knows" cover and Terry Reid & The Jaywalkers 1967 A-side "The Hand Don't Fit The Glove". Sure a lot to take in at the same time, but in all a very tasty candy bag for the sixties lover with additional value for us also interested in modern music history. Audio shifts from ok to excellent depending on quality of the original recording. As I can hear a couple of the original mono cuts have been enhanced, still carefully done and not too disturbing. To my knowledge only released in UK and never reissued in any form. It came with label as shown here in a thin matt cover. (SÄM*)

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