onsdag 1 juni 2016


An album met with great expectations at the time because of the various members earlier adventures as solo artists, producers and participants in backing bands, with Dave Edmunds topping the bill due to his Love Sculpture years and a couple of solo hits. However the zeitgeist seems to have failed them. At a time filled with punk, dirty new wave and synth rock this heartfelt and simple homage to late fifties and early sixties US rock didn't go well with all critics or the large public and though reaching #27 on Billboard and #34 in UK it was a short pleasure and the band broke up soon after. I've always loved this record. As new generations of listeners supplant the old with constant changes in public preference well performed classic style rock always remains and never get dated. And this is such a fine exemple. Twelve great uptempo tracks, every single one with a hit feeling - melodic, catchy and memorable. Overall feeling is humorous and generous, without problems, making it one of the happiest rock'n'roll joyrides ever. Audio excellent - strong with perfect separation letting it all out. Favorite tracks - "Teacher Teacher", "Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)", "Pet You And Hold You" and "Wrong Way". First US on Columbia "retro" label (JC 36886). US 2004 CD (Columbia CK 36983) came with booklet, bonus EP tracks and three live cuts as bonus. Premiere UK had labels as shown here, glossy fold/out cover and bonus EP. (DÄWÄ*)

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