söndag 29 maj 2016


Usually label samplers were sold and used as ads to improve sales of contemporary issues. But that couldn't have been the purpose here since most of the tracks were around four years old at the time for this release and some of them already withdrawn 45 only cuts. Anyway to me today a chance to get a couple of really rare recordings on resonably early LP with top audio. The Enemys 1966 "Mojo Woman" A-side and 1965 "Too Much Monkey Business" B-side - very good garage, both including the Cory Wells that later would make success with Three Dog Night. Van Dyke Park's "Number Nine" A-side - pop version of the lead theme from Beethoven's ninth symphony sung in German - and his promo only 45 "Come To The Sunshine" (reissued by Sundazed 2013). There's also young Janis Ian's beautiful 1966 A-side "Society's Child" about interracial relationships - at the time causing public bans and serious frowns in US. All this coupled with two from Richie Havens "Mixed Bag" album, two from Blues Project's "Projections" and two Tim Hardin album cuts, making it valuable both for specialized collectors of US sixties recordings and music lovers in general. To my knowledge only issued in US and Canada (same label and number). First US had label as shown here and matt cover. (SÄM*) (YZÄ*)

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