lördag 7 maj 2016


(A continuation of yesterday's "Technical Ecstasy" post). At the time the band was deep down on drugs and alcohol, having a hard time to keep a straight line. As the story goes - just before recording this album Ozzie left and was replaced by Dave Walker (used to the superceder role as he earlier had replaced Jeff Lynne in Idle Race, Danny Kirwan in Fleetwood Mac and being part of Kim Simmonds renewed Savoy Brown line-up 1971). A couple of fresh songs were written and rehersed, but as they were going in to the studio to finish the job Ozzie returned and wanted his place back. Walker went out and since Ozzie refused to sing any of the songs co-written by him they were forced to compose new numbers while recording, a fact used to explain the album's somewhat uneven outcome. Putting the background story aside and just listen it's still a pretty good LP. As with "Tecnical Ecstasy" audio is too compact for my taste, damping the classic Sabbath sound and making it less dangerous, but you get lots of fine guitars, on the spot backing and signatue Ozzie vocals. Though some of the songs may be regarded as fillers there are others that would have embellished any previous album, if they'd got the same studio treatment - as "Never Say Die", "Johnny Blade" and "Over To You" - those alone making the album worth having. Premiere US on Warner Bros. (BSK 3186). First UK had label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover with glossy picture/credit inner. (WLÖ*) (BLÄC*)

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