onsdag 4 maj 2016


Even if I have all favorite original LP:s by a band plus a large number of collections mostly carrying the same songs there will always be another I just must buy. As this German Beach Boys compilation. Though all tracks are from big selling albums and most of them also have surfaced on numerous collections through the years, the variation here is still rather uncommon and the quality so high all through I couldn't resist it. Fully laminated cover with nice lay-out and a map of "fan photos" as insert. I also like the sturdy vinyl and label design with old style rainbow having both Capitol and HörZu logos. As far as I can hear "Then I Kissed Her", "Help Me Ronda", "California Girls", "Dance Dance Dance" and "Barbara Ann" are enhanced monos, the remaining nine true stereo. I mostly find fake stereos disturbing, but not that much here. It's so well done with such great audio they level well with the others making it truly enjoyable listening all the way. Also originally issued without HörZu logo as Capitol SMK 74133, manufactured by "Bovema" (Dutch domestic or German export?). German reissues on both green and pink Capitol labels came with the original SHZE 175 number. (BÅB*) (GÖXÄ*)

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