torsdag 5 maj 2016


This record would be the deepest dig into ABBA pre-history. A four piece male vocal/acoustic combo formed in the small town Västervik 1961, including the then 15 y.o. Björn Ulvaeus. After a time of mostly local performances they won a 1963 radio talent competition, caught the eye of producer/songwriter Stickan Andersson and became the first signing to his newly started Polar Records, making this the premiere issue from the label. Years before the ABBA members met and the music on the LP has very little to do with that, but still important as the earliest connection between manager, label and one member of the future ABBA. This Hootenanny Singers debute has six songs with Swedish lyrics, five English and one sung in Spanish. All very soft with four male voices, singing unison or in harmony, sparsley backed by acoustic guitars, banjo and double bass. Style clearly inspired by contemporary US and UK folk-pop grups, but with a characteristic Swedish idiom. Recording sounds live in the studio, uncorrected with reverb as only addition. The album wasn't a big seller, but the 45 pick - "Jag Väntar Vid Min Mila" (I'm Waiting By My Coal Kiln) - became a hit and the first in a long line of high charters on the Scandinavian top lists. As far as I know not reissued on vinyl or CD though songs from it have shown up on various compilations through the years. First had label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover with top opening. (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*)(ÄBBÖ*)

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