onsdag 11 maj 2016


Had the mono version of this for decades and always loved it (see earlier post). Stylewise a transition album, mixing covers with selfpenned, carrying some of the old rock feeling but at the same time moving towards a more elaborate melodic songwriting with a psych taint. No doubt inspired by their label mates Beatles, yet with a personal sound. For a while in the seventies I also had an original UK stereo issue, but didn't like that at all. Through the years I've lost track of why it didn't attract me, so when I found this copy in a used bin a while ago I decided to give it another chance. Thought that with more mature taste and better equipment I would find it more pleasing. Only counting pressing quality and clarity it's very good, but all tracks are mixed exactly the same way - most of the instuments to the left and all vocals to the right. You get the impression it was made in one stressed-out sitting without considering the music. It is true stereo, still as such only slightly better than a fine rechanneling. I'll probably keep it as a filler but when it comes to listening and enjoying the mono remains best choice. As I understand the cuts from this that showed up on the US Imperial stereo versions of "Beat Group" ( LP 12312) and "Bus Stop" (LP 12330) didn't use the same mixes. Japan 2014 Parlophone CD/mini-LP (WPCR-15418) came with both mono and stereo versions plus a couple of French only edits. First UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (HÖLY*) (CPYC*) (PÖX*)

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