söndag 15 maj 2016


With their previous LP "Confessions Of The Mind" (see earlier post) produced by John Burgess instead of their old companion Ron Richards the classic sixties Hollies sound was almost gone and though songwriting and vocals remained high class the softer more ordinary audio made it blunter and less touching to my ears. For a while then I thought the change in audio only depended on producing tactics, but seen in retrospective it probably more had to do with the common paradigm shift going on in the studios at the time. As recordings became more complex with an increasing number of channels allowing almost infinite overdubs there was also a growing use of compression/limiting to be able to fit the vinyl engraving. It would have made the manufacturing process simpler, but also resulted in a sometimes damper and less natural audio. On this Richards was back as co-producer and though it doesn't have the exact sixties sound I like so much it's close enough. I've seen the album getting bad or lukewarm reveiws, but to me it's still commonweal Hollies - a mix of rockers and ballads with a touch of soul and some psych. Good pop with enough twists to make it interesting. It also spawned their highest US charter up to date - the CCR pastiche "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" at Billboard #2. My favorites - "Pull Down The Blind" psych rocker and the eclectic "You Know The Score". US vinyl on Epic (KE 30958). French 2007 CD (Magic Records 3930631) came with two bonus tracks. First UK had label as shown here and matt fold/out cover. (HÖLY*) (PÖX*)

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