torsdag 12 maj 2016


For background check post on their debute - "Meet The Searchers". This was the band's third album in just a little more than a year and they were still going strong with high charters in US, UK and other parts of the world. At about this time the UK music scene started to change. Eventually bands went from doing covers of US hits to performing selfpenned songs and the classic merseybeat sound was mixed up with blues, vaudeville and art music, partly enabled by growing studio capacities. But there's still not a trace of that here. Fourteen cuts blending soft up-tempo and sincere pop ballads, much in the style of Everly Brothers or Buddy Holly, sung in harmony with rudimentary rock backing. All very bright and kind. Don't know if you must have been there to appreciate it, but I do. Apart from old-timer gems like "Needles And Pins" and "Don't Throw Your Love Away" I get top audio and a friendly atmosphere all through, enough to put me in a good mood. Original mono issue also in Germany (Vouge LDV 17008). US had their own versions, but most of the tracks showed up on "This Is Us" (Kapp KL 1409/KS 3409). Vinyl and CD reissues all over the world on Pye, Marbel Arch, PRT and Castle. First UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (PÖY*)

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