måndag 27 juni 2016


As a follow-up to the 1975 "Wish You Were Here" this was an even larger project. An attempt to describe Britain's socio-economic reality at the time, using George Orwell's "Animal Farm" as outset for an attack on capitalism. Followed by a grand tour through Europe and US, playing arenas with a multi-art setting. So you could expect the music on this album to be like the two former - a kind of blown-up larger than life outburst where the structure itself creates a distance to the listener, but it's not. I hear a lot more personal here - "Meddle" rather than "Dark Side..." - allowing me to get intimate with the tunes. I'm probably alone thinking this was the best since the 1972 "Obscured By Clouds" and the last Floyd album worth effort. Maybe too much into their earlier stuff to be able to cope with some of the later developments...yet quite content with that. Favorite track - "Pigs (Three Different Ones)". Frequently issued and reissued, as two-channel or quad, through the years on vinyl, 8-track, cassette and CD. Premiere UK had label as shown here and thick glossy "wide spine" fold/out cover with stiff glossy lyric inner. (PÅX*) (HÄVL*)

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