onsdag 1 juli 2015


Another of my seasonal LP:s. CCR was probably the last band to reach world wide success and topping lists through a number of rock'n'roll singles and albums produced according to the sixties garage formula - direct takes without further studio embellishments, pressed with a minimal use of limiting or compression. As this - simple swamp rock with captivating vocals to sturdy backing carried by a true garage quality. It was their third album in about a year with pretty much the same kind of outcome. Not sure why this in particular has become my summer record, but it probably had to do with a certain girl I was making out with summer 1970 who had it and played it over and over, especially their cover of Nappy Brown's "The Night Time Is The Right Time" (which seemed promising at the time). Anyway there's a lot more to love here. Two of their biggest hits "Bad Moon Rising" and "Green River" plus the two tophole B-sides - "Lodi" and "Commotion" - so ripe they could have been A:s anytime. Remaining five tracks hold the same high standard - perfect blend of catchy melodic and unrefined, braided by John Foggerty's raw yet pleasant voice. No need to jump tracks here, just turn sides. Good enough to last the entire hot season and many after this. Premiere US on Fantasy (8393). Issued and reissued all over the world on LP, cassette, 8-track and CD through the years. First UK had label as shown here and thin structured cover. (XLÄ*) (CÖR*)

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