måndag 29 juni 2015


Wheather is finally getting warmer in this northly province so it's time to pull out my stack of summer albums. Common for those are an all positive aura - simple and catchy without any kind of low moments and always putting a smile on my face. Suitable for lazy mornings in the garden as well as midnight sun parties. This is perfect for any seasonal occation. After the big breakthrough with "Electric Warrior" the band went back to studio six months later to make a follow-up - basic tracks recorded in just five days in Copenhagen and Paris, while the Mark Volman/Howard Kaylan backgrund vocals were taped in Los Angeles. Then put together and arranged by producer Tony Visconti with help from Danish recording engineer Freddy Hansson. Made after the same success formula as Electric Warrior - unique mix of utterly simple melodies, partly unintelligible lyrics and quirky yet beautiful vocals. Even if you don't understand half of it you still get it 100%. Hard rock without being "Hard Rock" and concerned ballads about absolutely nothing. The details worthless taken separately, but put together it's magic. Empty and full at the same time and probably as close to Zen you'll get in the rock'n'roll world. Had copies of it since first release, but never got tired of it or stopped loving it. Pure feeling without hung-ups. First US on Reprise (MS 2095) came with fold/out sleeve. Issued and reissued all over the world on LP, cassette, 8-track and CD, some with bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin matt cover with lyric/credit inner. (RÄX*)

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