onsdag 24 juni 2015


This was Alvin Lee's (1944-2013) third album after quitting Ten Years After 1973 due to miscontent with the band's new pop oriented style. Following a collaboration with Christian rocker Mylon LeFevre - "On The Road To Freedom" (see earlier post) - he formed a new band "Alvin Lee & Co." which more or less stayed with him for three albums - a Rainbow concert released 1974 as "In Flight", this and "Let It Rock" (both 1975). Listening here it's clear whatever studio or setting, band or instrumentation he went through over the years, it most of all sounds - Alvin Lee. His vocals, guitar style and songwriting are so dominating they totally set the agenda. Even if there's another crew here and some of the instrumentation is different from the old days this could as well be another TYA album and probably not disappointing to any remaining fans of the group. A mix of heavy blues rockers and somewhat poppier stuff, all cuts written and produced by Lee and almost entirely permeated by his familiar voice and guitar licks. Favorite tracks - the heavy blues "You Told Me" and the rocking "Julian Ride". US and Canadian first on Columbia (PC 33796), various European on Chrysalis and 1998 CD issue by Repertoire Records (REP 4703-DG). Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin matt cover. (XYÄ*)

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