fredag 12 juni 2015


Swedish former dance band vocalist who got a contract with Hep Stars label Olga for a solo carreer. Between 1968-70 she had five singles on the Swedish top list - "One Way Ticket" also issued in Spain and Canada and "To Love Somebody Is To Hurt Somebody" in Holland, non of them charting outside Sweden. This was released as an original album, but since it contains all her recordings for the label and the ten cuts on it were either 45 A:s or B:s it can also be regarded as a "Greatest Hits" or "The Complete Olga Recordings". At the time she was about the only young female pop singer in Sweden who besides newly written material also did covers of US r&b/rock hits. Even if most of the outcome was "schlagerfied" to fit the domestic market she was still considered a little dangerous - making teen boys hearts beat faster - still soft enough for a tidier public. Listening today I feel divided. If comparing with contemporary female US or UK soul/r&b/rock/pop singers (which we wouldn't do back then) it's not top class. Backing is pro and she nails the notes, but her voice sounds immature and unrehersed like she haven't been able to find her own expression and still trying while recording - probably the reason the album isn't considered a collectible yet, other than by hard-core fans of female vocal. At the same time it is the revealed uncertainty that makes it special to me now, fortysix years later. Not that bad makes it good, but honest and direct always beat adjusted and overproduced and I do prefer personal over perfect. Favorite tracks - "One Way Ticket" and "Sunday Will Never Be The Same". Recorded, mixed and released merely in mono with top audio. Issued in Sweden only with reissue on Efel budget label 1971(LPE 010). Never released on CD. First had label as shown here and fully laminated cover. (SCÄ*) (FÄV*) (CCÖ*)

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