måndag 22 juni 2015

THE WHO/WHO'S NEXT 2408102 (-71) UK

Album tracks initially written for a rock opera called "Lifehouse", intended as a follow up to "Tommy". But as the project grew more complex and their manager/producer Kit Lambert at the time was going down on hard drugs they decided to cancel the large undertaking and instead use some of the material for an ordinary LP. Apart from "Won't Get Fooled Again" - which was recorded on Rolling Stones mobile studio - all were made at Olympic Studios, London, and in Lambert's absence produced by the band with assistance of engineer Glyn Johns. From that background the result could have been half-baked or mediocre, but instead it became their most successful LP - topping the UK list, reaching #4 on Billboard and charting high in a large number of other countries. Today also widely considered one of the best rock records ever made and all real rock fans have or can access it in some format. It feels pointless trying to make some kind of review here. Had issues of it to and from since first release and nowadays one of those albums that's so part of my musical world I use it as a reference. Hard rock carrying catchy melodies with concerned lyrics. Production is elaborate but with kept natural atmosphere making it sound direct with a borderline live feeling. Combine all that with top audio and I couldn't ask for more. First US on Decca (DL 79182) came with same sleeve design. When checking "facts" about early UK:s on the net I get many different messages. Following is just common sense. All of the earliest issues have a side one stamped A#1matrix number besides an etched US type "MG 12888". Side two stamped matrixes can be either B#2 or B#3 (I even heard of a B#4 to the A#1, but can't confirm it). The labels are matt as shown here and the vinyl medium thick. Cover is thin matt with "pinched" spine having the record number printed at the low end, some with a common Polydor/Track "head hunters" inner. (WÖH*) (TRÄC*)

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