onsdag 17 juni 2015


Counting early Yoko collaborations and the 1969 live this was his ninth LP. It topped the US list, reached #6 in UK and sold millions world wide. Backing and production top notch, songwriting quite all right and he sings as good as always. From a marketing viewpoint it's like he finally got it together for success. But it didn't work 100% for me and still don't. As a fan I followed Lennon's solo efforts through good and bad from "Two Virgins" and on, loving or at least accepting the outbursts of anxiety, the quirks and experiments, the political trials and controlled madness. To me it was about the rebel and genius, but also the ordinary guy who never really managed to fit in. Some of his albums came to me directly while others craved special attention. Whatever the style or message there was always something significant, something to make me melt, get off or at least sit straight. I don't get any of that here. Even if the problems he's dealing with are real I miss tension, excitement, humor and his ability to communicate strong feelings. All that aside it's still a good album and if by any other artist I probably would embrace it harder, but from Lennon I expected so much more - or a least different. Favorite tracks - "What You Got" and "#9 Dream". Premiere US on Apple (SW 3416), First UK had label as shown here and gimmick cover with picture inner and picture/lyric/info booklet. (BÄ*) (JYZÖ*) (ÄPLÄ*)

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