måndag 8 juni 2015


Music to one of those forgettable pop movies with minimal plot made to cash in further on artist fame, now hopelessly dated for all but period kitch aficionados. To me this soundtrack is a lot more fun and even today worth attention. It seems all tracks but one - "There's A Kind Of Hush..." - was recorded or remade specially for the movie. "The World Is For The Young" partly sung by actress Marjorie Rhodes (1897-1979), "Lemon And Lime" performed by actor Stanley Holloway (1890-1982) and there are two instrumental cuts - "Daisy Chain" Part I and Part II. The remaining six tracks from the band. Produced by Mickie Most and arranged by John Paul Jones. What makes this UK mono so good for me is the striking audio. Separate mix, big and clear with prominent bass and natural balance. Never heard a corresponding stereo, but doubt it can beat this. At time for release the band was already on a downslope, the album didn't fly and it became their last original issue. Doesn't matter how you perceive it - last gasp, soundtrack, compilation, good late mono or just an oddity - I still get a couple of catchy songs, well produced, arranged and mixed, conveyed by top audio. A keeper for sure. Also as UK stereo (SCX 6303). To my knowledge only issued as stereo in US (MGM SE-4548 ST). 2000 CD on Repertoire Records (REP 4857) came with ten bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (HÄHX*) (ZÖNT*)

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