lördag 27 juni 2015


Spanish sampler containing fourteen cuts from four of many bands active on Mallorca mid-sixties, most of them drawn there due to the island's booming tourist industry. Don't have much background info on any of the combos. Los Javaloyas, founded 1952 and still active 2014, toured Europe as a beat group in the sixties and has represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. Mike And The Runaways was at the time fronted by singer "Mike Kennedy" (born Michael Volker Kögel in Germany). Shortly after this the band consolidated with Madrid combo Los Sonor, reshaped as Los Bravos and with Michael Kögel as lead singer released the million selling single "Black Is Black". The two remaining acts - Los Beta Quartet and Los 5 Del Este - are still unmapped territory for me. All tracks here previously issued on single or EP, ranging from rock/freakbeat over regular pop to languishing ballads. The Mike And The Runaways tracks - Curtis Mayfield cover "Um Um Um Um Um Um" and the uptempo rocker "!!! Ja Ja !!!" - sung in English, the rest in Spanish. Los 5 Del Este cover Beatles "Yesterday" (Ayer), Rolling Stones "Satisfaction (Satisfaccion) and The McCoys "Hang On Sloopy" (Sloopy). Los Javaloyas do two romantic Salvatore Adamo songs which together with the four slow Los Beta Quartet tracks probably were used for late night amorous dancing. Even if the groups and genres differ I get a common cozy feeling tying it all together, enhanced by superb audio - very close and natural. Most of the tracks also include or build on prominent organ, adding to the atmosphere. In all a very pleasant exemple of latin music in the sixties. Though odd as a rock/pop album I guess it could work for scholars in rock history, garage collectors, latino aficionados, people reminiscing their Mallorca holidays or just music lovers in general. Don't know of any other issues. This had label as shown here on very thick unflexible vinyl and fully laminated flip/back cover. (SÄM*) (ÖGÄ*) (SXÖX*)

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