måndag 15 juni 2015


UK version of the US 1974 "Light Of Love" album (see earlier post). Side one has same tracking, while the side two cuts "Teenage Dream", "Explosive Mouth" and "Venus Loon" - already issued in UK on "Zink Alloy" - was replaced by "I Really Love You Babe", "Golden Belt" and "Zip Gun Boogie" - originally recorded for an intended but cancelled US follow-up. The common tracks has some audiophile differences. The US pressing comes out more even and somewhat sharper, while the UK has bigger bass and is slightly more dynamic. Even if I'm not all in with Bolan's soul-glam merging trials of the period I actually like the three new songs here. Less soul and more quirky glam puts him on home turf and with the boogie it's like he never left. Not that I dislike soul music, but there were about 5000 Americans doing that ten times better then so he shouldn't have meddled. Cobbler, stick to thy last! Even if T.Rex still had a considerable fan base in Britain at time for release this didn't sell at all, mostly because the US original already had been imported in large quantities to reduced cost and few wanted to pay full album price just to get three new tracks. Originally also issued in Australia (EMI - same no.as UK) and Germany (Ariola 88679 XOT). Premiere UK had label as shown here and fully laminated die-cut sleeve with glossy picture inner. (RÄX*)

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