måndag 1 juni 2015


Swedish instrumental dou existing between 1967-69. The debute LP "Monument" (see earlier post) was the result of a commission work for Swedish Television - writing and performing a soundtrack to an experimental TV-show. The mix of jazz and rock, performed by Hammond organ and drums only, turned out totally unique for its time and one of the first exemples of what later would be called "prog". It caught on among the "hip" Stockholm public and some fellow musicians (Jimi Hendrix was an early fan who sometimes jammed with the guys and also recorded a cover of their number "Tax Free") so they decided to continue as a duo for the time being. It's hard to get info on the recordings for this second album, but as far as I can hear it's part studio sessions and part club live. There's only a few fragments left of public noise so best way to decide origin is by the cut's shifting sound quality. Though the music is divided into named sections on the vinyl you forget all about that when listening. It's a forty minute Hammond organ orgy, moving between jazz and rock, raw and beautiful, bombastic and graceful, melodic and disharmonic - most of it probably made up as they went along. Janne Carlsson's drumming is very adaptable as cool jazzy licks, sturdy rock or whatever support needed. It's unpredictable, challenging and very much alive. Label has mono number and an "M 33" triangle, but the record is compatible stereo and plays good either way. As far as I know this Swedish was the only original issue. 2012 CD on Universal Music (06025370647-1). First had label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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