lördag 30 maj 2015


US only sampler, part of Warner Brothers "loss leader" serie with thrirtythree issues between 1969-80. The term "loss leader" referring to a sales strategy where an item is sold way below marketing cost to promote more profitable articles - in this case a double album sold for $2 to raise interest for the original LP:s. But that context is long gone now, so most important - is it any good 2015? I'd say it is. As compiled by Barry Hansen (also known as "Dr. Demento") the track choice isn't the most obvious for a sales promotion sampler. Three of the cuts were '45 only - David Bowie "Can't Help Thinking About Me", Arlo Guthrie "The Ballad Of Tricky Fred" and Arthur Conley "Rita" (Roxy Music "Virginia Plain" a '45 only in UK, but on their US debute LP). Some of the other acts were, and still are, far from household names - e.g. Dick Heckstall-Smith "Future Song", The Section "Doin' The Meatball" and Alexis Korner "Country Shoes". Worth mentioning is also Mickey Heart's "Blind John" - made as he was on temporary leave from Grateful Dead -with guesting Paul Kantner and Grace Slick. Those tracks coupled with more or less odd offerings from Tir Na Nog, Tim Buckley, Harpers Bizarre, Sparks, Jethro Tull, Steeleye Span, Youngbloods and more makes it a top album for those of us who want a more profound understanding of the US music scene in the early seventies. Tons of good music with beautiful audio - warm and inviting. First came with label as shown here in a glossy fold/out cover with pic/info sheets inside and ad inners. (SÄM*) (YZÄ*)

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