lördag 23 maj 2015


Illustrious 2-LP sampler, today more famous for the tasteless package than the music. The fully laminated fold out cover has pictures of a piglet in red rubber boots and includes a poster of the same animal thinking of a pork sausage. Pressed on translucent vinyl with a lumnious quality so if you listen in a dark room you can see the record glow on the turntable. That alone makes it stand out, but there's also a stack of very good songs especially for those into early punk rock, new wave, art music, kraut, raggae and electronic. From acts that still to some extent remain in public veiw - like Captain Beefheart, Kevin Coyne, Elkie Brooks, Can, Slapp Happy and XTC - to those only existing for a short while and today almost forgotten - e.g. Delroy Washington, Roogalator and Penetration. Only a couple of the twentythree cuts may have had some kind of hit potential, the rest providing a very enjoyable exposé of what was going on under the commercial radar in the late seventies. Four of the cuts were previously '45 only, larger part of the rest from LP:s that today can be tricky to find. So whatever makes you tick - strange arty covers, shiny vinyls, rare tracks or just getting a bundle of good songs - it fits. To my knowledge only issued in UK. (SÄM*)

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