lördag 16 maj 2015

THE WHO/ODDS & SODDS 2406 116 (-74) US EXPORT?

For more on the album check post on UK original http://monolover.blogspot.se/2013/05/the-whoodds-sods-2406-116-74-uk.html . Found the copy shown here a while ago and can't for my life figure out where it belongs. Cover is a US "trash cut"/2 poster MCA original with an "export only" sticker on back and company inner. So far so good, but the label is matt Track with a totally unique design and has a UK numbering plus an "NCB" logo showing on a Scandinavian issue. Problem is Track label wasn't licensed in this part of the world where all UK Track issues came on Polydor instead. But here it is - a Scandinavian Who issue on Track, with UK number on label and matrixes, hosted in a first press US MCA export cover. Vinyl thickness and weight resembles the UK original and the sound quality is exactly the same. It's an anomaly and I'm confused. If anyone reading this knows more - please comment here or mail me and tell. (WÖH*) (TRÄC*)

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