fredag 29 maj 2015


Not the biggest fan of the band's music in the long run, but counting consistency, power, attitude and survival I am an admirer. Formed by Lemmy Kilminster 1975 after he'd been sacked from Hawkwind and have since released more than forty albums - including studio, live and compilations - through various settings, with a total sale of over 15 million. In total contempt for zeitgeists and fickle public tastes they continued playing the same kind of music the same kind of way for forty years. By many seen as originators of genres as Speed Metal and Trash Metal while the band members themselves unimpressed by such labeling just call their music - "rock'n'roll". This compilation has about everything I need by the band. A 2-LP set compiled by Lemmy himself as they were leaving Bronze in UK, containing twentyfour cuts recorded for the label 1977-84. Apart from the common album takes I also get two non-LP B-sides, an alternate live edit, a version of "Louie Louie" then exclusive for this, and four new recordings. Listening to it now as I write and though there's nothing of the things here I usually go for - catchy melodies, elaborated production or heartfelt connection - I am amazed. Two LP:s with full speed ahead on three levels - hard, rock hard and super hard. Like being hit by a steamroller and there's clearly no remorse of any kind. It's there whether I like it or not and probably always will be so I might as well give in. First US on Bronze (90233 -1-H). Premiere UK had label as shown here and came with two different sleeve alternatives - one glossy cardboard and one "special leather edition" - both including picture/lyric/info inners. (PÖP*) (PRÖZ*)

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