onsdag 27 maj 2015

H.P. LOVECRAFT/II PHS-600-279 (-68) US

An LP that didn't make much impact on release and failed to chart, but today being rediscovered and admired by collectors and fans of sixties psych. After gathering a cult following due to their debute album and the singles "White Ship" and "Wayfaring Stranger" the band was frequently or tour. When called in to make this second album they didn't have any new material, just a couple of unfinished ideas. As the the story goes there were lots of acid dropping going on and the recordings started as incoherent improvs without real aim. Then studio engineer Chris Huston took over the lead and saved the day (confimed by band vocalist/guitarist George Edwards later - "We had no material, the band was totally fried and Chris helped us make a record. The record would never had happened without Chris"). To me that explains the outcome. Though built on the same folk/psych foundation as the debute this is less folk and much more psych. What you get are a couple of good but rather loose ideas and trials tied together by elaborate and for the time innovative effects, part soft with an all over trippy atmosphere. I'm almost there, but would have liked more catchy interludes or some kind of common thread. Maybe you need chemicals to be all in. Favorite track - the haunting "At The Mountains Of Madness". First UK on Philips (SBL 7872). CD issue 2000 coupled with the debute on Collectors Choice (B0000 4X0AZ). Premiere US had label as shown here and glossy fold/out cover. (YZÄ*)

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