lördag 2 maj 2015

TIM BUCKLEY EKS-74004 (-66) US

Another Tim Buckley I bought after falling in love with his second album "Hello And Goodbye". That was outstanding at release and IMO remains a sixties classic. The multi genre setting with its imaginative lyrics, strong melodies and generous production still does it for me when I'm in for adventure. When I first listened to this debute I got a lot more ordinary period US singer/songwriter folk rock/pop and didn't find it half as interesting, but today with more experienced ears I hear similarities. The honesty, fragility and anxiety are already there with the ability to touch. Same core, just with very different production and arrangements. Don't know how much of that was due to Buckley's own request, the fact this was produced by Paul A. Rotchild and HAG by Jerry Yester, or the musical zeitgeist moving towards psych and flower power in those years. In any case it's intriguing how two albums can be so alike and at the same time totally different. I was planning to make a mutual rating of the LP:s, but can't. While "Hello And Goodbye" grabs me and take me on a harlequin trip this is cooler, more intimate and brings a closer connection. Guess both are the better depending on what mood I'm in. Also issued in mono (EKL-4004). First UK mono/stereo with same label and numbers. Premiere US had label as shown here and thin glossy cover. (SYSÖ*) (YZÄ*)

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