fredag 1 maj 2015

IF/2 ILPS 9137 (-70) UK

Got this as part of a record exchange a couple of years ago, put it away and forgot all about it till recently when I found the LP squeezed in behind some Iron Butterfly's. That happens to me sometimes after trading stacks and keeping a few on hold for later enjoyment. Then they totally disappear from the radar when new stuff comes in and attention is redirected. Didn't know anything about the band, but learned a lot from this Wikipedia article - . So without emotional hung-ups or memories attached I'm listening with fresh ears. First thing that strikes me is the keyboards - I could never resist a record where one of the main instruments is a well treated organ and there's quite a lot of that here, both as solos and background. Next the guitars being both equibrilistic and eclectic, moving from jazz > "Echos And Shadows" - through blues/rock > "I Couldn't Write And Tell You" - to psych > "Sunday Sad". Finally I get brass and the whole backing right on the spot. Impression is a recording by an experienced, very tight live group with some of the parts pre-written and other made up as they went along in the studio. So far so good, but what holds me back a little are the vocals - no doubt by an experienced singer always nailing it, still too anonymous for my taste. Then the songwriting. All nicely balanced and put together, but at least I miss truly catchy interludes - moments that make me open my heart and connect once and for all. Maybe that will come with further listen. US first on Capitol (SW-676). I've heard rumors about a UK pink label issue, but don't believe it. Probably a mix-up with the German "pink" issue or others, as some countries still used it up to the mid or late seventies. Early UK had label as shown here and cover with matt front and glossy silver back.

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