onsdag 13 maj 2015


Kansas City blues rock combo who got signed by ABC:s newly formed Probe label 1969. This debute album got either luke warm or bad reveiws at release, failed to sell and they broke up soon after. I guess for many music fans it remains one of many one-offs from groups that couldn't get it together and deliver when they got the opportunity and now has been dispatched forever. But since times and tastes changes and appreciation for sixties music nowadays also includes historical values as vintage studio processes, audio and ambience it might be worth a second chance. Back then just an ordinary rock band, with today's genre prickled terminology - garage, raw blues, psych blues or maybe even early hard rock. I can live without some of the more arranged tracks. It's obvious orchestrated ballads - "Big Boy" - or brass soul - "Beautician Blues" - wasn't their thing. Yet for a lover of garage recordings, seemingly unproduced with a live feeling, most of the rest is really good. I get lots of raw guitars, messy backing and unbridled vocals, live in the studio 100% sincere. If someone back then had played me opening and closing tracks - "Blues Jam" and "Blues So Bad" and told me they were early Pretty Things rehersals I wouldn't have doubted it. Same raw energy, just a bit more untuned and unfinished. So if you're into well arranged, soothing rock with a hit feeling - avoid! But if you want the good, the bad and the ugly totally naked like played from a shaky stage on a muddy meadow - some of this may fit. Premiere US came with a gimmick fold/out sleeve. German 2011 CD on O-music (OM 71009). First UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover.

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