måndag 4 maj 2015


Maybe not the rarest or most sought after collection, but for me it ticks all the right boxes. I get a mix of good songs - Beatles and solo - including the studio version of "Bangla Desh", which can be hard to find on LP elsewhere. It's on good old Parlophone with a remaining UK Apple numbering and the sleeve is high quality Garrods & Lofthouse. It has been criticized, also by GH himself, for bad compiling and the timing was awful as it was released at about the same time as his new studio album "33 1/3". You can always argue with any song choice on any collection, but once released it is what it is and I'm quite OK with this. The timing may have impeded sales back then - US #31 and not charting in UK (while "33 1/3" did a lot better) - but it sure don't affect the listening today. Whatever the background it still is a very nice collection of tracks and the audio top notch. I couldn't ask for more. US on Capitol (ST-11578) came with totally different sleeve design and custom labels. Premiere UK had label as shown here, thick glossy cover and picture/ad inner. (BÄ*) (PÖX*)

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