måndag 11 maj 2015


With this second album the band was at the end of a transition mode not uncommon those days - new label and, more important, new drugs - leading to a change in sound and expression. The Decca debute LP was right on r/b soul and most of the accompanying 45:s short, catchy hit numbers. Extrovert and fervent, like they did it standing on their toes. The songs on this first for Immediate are still short and catchy, but coming through more relaxed dealing with both introvert and everyday matters. You get the impression they're doing stuff important for themselves rather than taking executive advice. I think it's a great album. Not as elaborated or animated as the following "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake", but the songwriting and ambience are very much alike and you can hear ideas and portions here later used there. ONGF is a sixties masterpiece, yet there's so much to it when listening I feel obligated to be alert. No need for that here. The simple pleasant melodies, down to earth lyrics and emotional vocals strike directly in a gentle way. Produced by the band, no doubt with help from engineer Glyn Johns. The mix and audio on this stereo are just fine, maybe a little thin at parts compared to the mono (IMLP 008), but with slightly more psych feel and good listening all through. Favorite tracks - "(Tell me) Have You Ever Seen Me", "Feeling Lonely", "My Way Of Giving" and "Get Yourself Together". Originally issued as fourteen track like this on Stateside in New Zeeland (SSLM 6034), Columbia in Germany (SMC 74292), Immediate in France (SIMX 340596) and South Africa (IMLJ 008). US made their own version - "There Are But Four Small Faces" (Immediate Z12 52002) - a twelve track semi-compilation carrying seven tracks from this coupled with five UK non-LP single cuts, also released in a few South American countries. Both versions frequently reissued, separately or together on vinyl and CD through the years. Premiere UK had label as shown here and matt or laminated flip/back cover. (SXÅH*) (YDÄ*)

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