fredag 19 juni 2015


Another one from the US Warner Bros. "Loss Leader" serie (concept referring to a sales strategy where an item is sold under marketing cost to promote more profitable articles - in this case single samplers for $1, doubles for $2 and triples for $3). This 2-LP set was the second of thirtythree such from the label issued between 1969-80. The four sides each present a theme - country style, soft pop, mixed pop and what they call "Hippie Creep Rock'n'Roll" - showing on the label's amazing musical width at the time. Here's the whole spectra - from non household acts as Mothers Of Invention, Fugs, Grateful Dead and Mephistopheles over contemporary teen idol names like KInks, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Peter Paul & Mary and Jimi Hendrix to older artists Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Domino and Everly Brothers. All high quality so no need for the acceptive music lover to jump tracks - just turn sides and take it in. You also get a couple of rare cuts. As far as I know Geoff & Maria Muldaur's "All Bowed Down" and Hamilton Camp's "Star Spangled Bus" have remanied unissued otherwise and this may still be the only place for them. Everly Brothers "Empty Boxes" was a 45 only cut. Kinks "Nothing To Say" from the "Arthur" album is presented as mono on the info sheets (explained by - "...that's the only kind of tape we got from Granada TV, which commissioned the project"). The cut here is the mono version, but slightly enhanced for better width. Pressing the mono button narrows it down a little, but whichever you choose it sounds better than the one on the UK "Arthur" mono album. Fats Domino's cover of Everybody*s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey" also an enhanced mono version - probably from the 45 edit. Rare or not there's enough here to get me through the day -checking track history, reminicing and enjoying all the good music. Audio shifts a little depending on original recordings, but it's pleasant listening all through. First had label as shown here, thick glossy fold/out cover with info sheets and custom artist pic inners. (YZÄ*) (SÄM*)

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