lördag 6 juni 2015


Always liked German album pressings, as it seems almost always made with state of the art equipment on high quality vinyl. The fact that they took stereo mixes, originally part of UK or US double issues, and transformed them into compatibles can be seen as a downgrade, but in most of those cases the audio was still tophole. Already have the Hörzu mono version of "Please Please Me" and the Apple/Hörzu MMT and both are very good listening, so when I saw this Hörzu "Help!" I just had to try it. A later press on the second variation label with "record player" logo on sleeve, but still a comparatively early one in fully laminated cover and "ST 33" in larger circles bottom label (later ones have smaller ovals), using early matrixes - SHZE 162-A1/B1X - and with remaning label misprint "You've Got To Hilde Your Love Away". Fun to have Beatles on a label other than the most common and an alternate sleeve design, but I'm not impressed with the audio on this. In comparison to the UK stereo it's muddier and flatter and you get a lump of sound rather than separate parts. Probably the result of an effort to make the original stereo tapes more compatible. Not very bad, but far from the excellence of the UK original. (BÄ*) (GÖXÄ*)

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