onsdag 29 juli 2015


For background check post on his debute. This is about the same - singer/songwriter mode reminding of Donovan, Harvey Andrews and early Cat Stevens, mixing contemporary genres as ballads, baroque pop, psych and rock'n'roll. All very British with a cozy atmosphere. Orchestral arrangements, as on the debute made by Ian Green, are sparser here but not less adventurous. It's like he's trying to sqeeze most contemporary genres into one piece of vinyl attempting to please both hippies, conformists and all inbetween. The album has been criticized for being too self-aware and even pretentious, but which late sixties singer/songwriter wasn't? It's almost a sign of those times. I get a smorgasbord of contemporary pop music styles tied together by pleasant vocals, concerned lyrics and partly quirky arrangements conveyed by warm embracing audio. Maybe not all up there with his more famous British peers, still odd and good enough to be worth a fair chance. Favorites - the pop psych title track, the humoristic "Take Off Your Clothes" and the country rocker "Sunshine Is Expensive". Also issued as UK mono (UAL 29037). Haven't heard that but since the stereo is a perfect compatible I'm guessing a fold. First US on World Pacific (WPS-21899). Premiere UK had label as shown here and laminated fold/out cover. (SYSÖ*)

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