lördag 4 juli 2015


Tom Jones compilation only issued in South Africa. Named after his biggest domestic hit, so when the ordinary "Delilah" album came out there somewhat later - having same cover design, tracking and number as UK - that was renamed "One Day Soon" to avoid confusion. It's an unusual collection of picks from earlier issues as it doesn't have any of his biggest hits apart from the title track. Maybe because EMI already had the national rights to some of his early stuff or the pro-segregational cultural censorship common there at the time - or a little of both. I guess original UK tapes were used, but the pressing isn't as good as on the UK issues. The calmer cuts plays OK while the up-tempo ones sounds a little messy at parts. Nothing serious and if I want perfect audio for the songs I can easily get that elsewhere. What makes it worth having for me apart from the track list is the uncommon Decca label design, the thick unflexible vinyl and the laminated flip/back cover with the early b/w pic on front. Very nice package. (TÖJX*)

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