lördag 11 juli 2015


One of many "Underground '70" samplers issued in the wake of the UK "Fill Your Head With Rock" and "Block Buster" compilations - all with differing track choice adjusted to contemporary domestic music scenes. This blends then popular US acts still appreciated today - as Al Kooper, Chicago, Flock, Moby Grape and Sprit - with now lesser known outfits like Aorta, Illinois Speed Press, Appaloosa and Jacob's Creek. For me an opportunity to reaquaint with idols from forty years ago, but also discover bands that for some reason stayed unknown to me all this time. The Aorta track "Heart Attack" is lovely psych with howling guitars and jazzy organ, Illinois Speed Press "Hard Luck Story" heavy guitar blues, Apploosa "Rosalie" an orchestrated country ballad and Jacob Creek "Behind The Door" odd soul/prog/psych. All good tasters making me wanna hear more. Premiere German issue had custom silver label on purple vinyl as shown here, fully laminated cover and tophole audio. Highly recommended both for the interesting tracking and high class package. (SÄM*) (GÖXÄ*)

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