måndag 19 januari 2015


For background check post on his debute - "Songs For A Tailor". To my taste that was almost perfect - mixing remaining notions from the Cream period with new innovative songwriting and backed by top of the line UK prog musicians. On this follow-up (not counting the 1968 sessions released as "Things We Like" 1970) the crew was reduced to guitarist Chris Spedding and drummer John Marshall. Bruce produced himself and wrote all songs together with lyricist Peter Brown. Even if not as groundbreaking as SFAT there are lots of other impressive qualities. The songwriting is about the same with Brown's insightful poetry to slightly odd and beautiful melodies. This is a lot cooler though, less strained like he don't have to prove himself anymore. More personal and maybe not as commercial, but a pleasant blend between deviant and amiable providing very good listening. Favorite tracks - "Escape To The Royal Wood (On Ice)", "Folk Song" and "The Consul At Sunset". First US on ATCO (SD 33-365). Premiere UK had label as shown here and matt fold/out cover. (The red sticker on sleeve wasn't part of the UK issue but shows this copy originally was sold in US - "imported & distributed by Peters International, New York".) (CÄRÄ*)

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