fredag 23 januari 2015


Wasn't going to post this since there must be enough about it on the net already, but then I found one to me earlier unknown indication for a very first press cover on Marcel Koopman's Vertigo page which I happen to have on this copy, so I might as well pass that on and add a few personal thoughts. It is known that apart from matrixes you can also distinguish an early press from the large swirl on b-label and the matt cover, but apparently the very first had a credit inside fold/out - "Management /Jim Simpson, Big Bear, Birmingham" - that was removed from all later (as management changed shortly after release when Patrick Meehan took over). So if a dealer is selling you a "first press" - be sure to check for that before shell out to avoid swaps. Musically it fascinates me as a proof of the holistic saying - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Take the simplest of melodies, a couple of basic riffs and shallow lyrics about war and the occult. Then add a crude performance and what do you get? In this case - pure magic! Non of the components would have done it in any posher constellation, but put together here it's beautiful and axiomatic. Whatever dissents I may have otherwise, as soon as I start to listen they all seem petty and I'm caught. Maybe its power has to do with Ozzy's vocals, Iommi's exact fill-ins, the natural analog audio or all of those, or perhaps it's that mysterious "it" factor. Not sure I wanna know, some stones are better left unturned... (WLÖ*) (BLÄC*)

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