tisdag 6 januari 2015


A band I totally missed from the sixties and on, so occupied with the black soul coming out of Motown, Atlantic and Stax the American "blue-eyed" variation never really got to me. Loved "Groovin" which was big hit also in Sweden, but that was all. Found this their second album a while ago and thought I give it a try. Being able to listen to it without any connection to my own past through memories or emotions brings a whole new perspective, looking at its place in time formerly unattached. At first rather confusing - self-penned songs and covers performed and arranged in a way that almost mimics the label's black stars or the Motown wonder. Production is credited to the band probably with lots of help from main engineer Tom Dowd (who'd been a producer/engineer since the fourties working with classic acts as Drifters, Coasters, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin). His participation would certainly explain the overall atomsphere and feeling, unusual for a white band. If you don't get too close it's impossible to distinguish their own compositions from the covers, so the creational inspiration is obvious too. There are a however a few things separating it from the source and making it more than just a reproduction. Some of the cuts have psych guitars, others rythms more reminding of ordinary rock and lead vocals though good all the way just isn't 100% soul. A little uneven but very well done with top audio all the way - clear and bouncy. I don't have a stereo to compare with, but as I've seen on the net this mono is separtely mixed. For me an interesting new aquaintance, still I have to give it a lot more time before deciding if it fits. Premiere US on Atlantic (SD/8134) Re-issues on vinyl or CD on Atlantic, Rhino and Sundazed as stereo only. First UK had structured label as shown here and laminated cover. (ÄTHP*)

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