söndag 4 januari 2015

BEN 6360 052 (-71) UK

When checking net facts and going through reveiws for this album I get about the same notion everywhere - very rare and very bad. I can't dispute the rarity, but is it really that bad? I don't think so. If you forget about the hideous prices paid and the tophole competition from the label's other acts and just listen it's quite enjoyable. I hear jazz/prog studio jams built around pre-set figures and themes played by skilled musicians and conveyed by excellent audio. Odd harmonies, rythmic gaming and some very nice solos. You could wish for beautiful melodies or a more coherent contour, but it is what it is and once you're buckled up it's a journey well worth taking. A natural part of the early seventies prog scene and even if it isn't up there with Colosseum (not many are) or several others I enjoy most of the parts. Favorite track - "Gismo" - where Pete Davey plays both adventurous sax and jazz flute to a firm and prominent bass. Also released in Italy 1972 (same sleeve design and number). Italian vinyl reissue on Akarma (AK 247). CD:s by Repertoire 1991 (REP 4195-WP) and 2014 (REPUK 1177). Counterfeits exist. First UK can be recognized by labels as shown here, matt fold/out cover with lilac glasses on front and "VO price code" on back, stamped matrix numbers and dated swirl inner. (WLÖ*)

2 kommentarer:

  1. My God! It's unique.
    I think people say that it is bad to discourage the purchase, and in fact to pay lower price for this album.
    I apologise for my English.

    1. Don't worry - Your English is just fine.

      Maybe You're right, or people are so blinded by the high prices (raised by label collectors) they think it has to be extraordinary and then get disappointed.