fredag 30 januari 2015


Recorded by the same gang at the same location with the same producer as Demons And Wizards and released just six months later you'd expect it to be exactly the same, but it's not. It builds on a similar "sorcerous" foundation, has a kindered Roger Dean sleeve design and a couple of strong pop/prog songs. Title track is a ten minute novel told by using all the right tools - theme changes, catchy melodies, Byron-Hensley antiphony and a long gripping guitar solo. Only downside is it sounds too trimmed and could have been developed more - there's enough power there to make it last an entire side or maybe the whole album. The rest is also appealing, but to my taste lacking some of the warmth and depth of the DAW numbers and I don't get the same connection. First US on Mercury (SRM-1-652). Premiere UK had label as shown here with "i" logo, matt fold/out cover and picture/lyric inner. (ÖRHÄ*) (PRÖZ*)

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