fredag 16 januari 2015


After leaving Pye for Vertigo 1972 the band stayed with the new label for twenty years and became its most reliable cash cow. During that period generating thirteen top ten albums, where of four #1, and nineteen top ten singles in UK only plus an unprecedented number of big sellers in the rest of the world. Up to this they were more or less a one hit wonder with the 1968 high charting "Pictures Of Matchstick Men", while four albums and a couple of other '45:s didn't do as well. Later on they would develop their own very successful boogie rock formula - tight, melodic and repetitious - by some considered best party music ever while others just call it mind numbing. Personally I find their Pye period more rewarding and some of the later boogie machinery not so much. This is somehwere inbetween. The formula is already there, but with a remaining bluesy feel enhanced by very good audio - open and well separated in a cozy atmosphere, far from the compressed and glossy sound that would cripple some of their later recordings. It's simple but also very honest and inviting. Favorite tracks - "O Baby" and "Paper Plane". First US on A&M (SP-4381). Premiere UK had labels as shown here, matt fold/out cover without maker credit and swirl inner. (WLÖ*)

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