lördag 5 december 2015


American actress, pin-up model and jazz/pop singer, with a carreer stretching between mid forties and late seventies, during which time she participated in twentytwo movies, a large number of TV shows and released twentynine original studio albums beisdes thirty singles and at least four compilations. This was the first of those compilations, containing thirteen recordings from the second half of the fifties. She's been called the perfect blend of beauty and talent and today her original LP:s are considered collectible as much for the sleeve art as for the music. You might agree on the looks, but when listening with eyes closed it's all about the singing and that is truly sexy no matter the package. Numbers on here are all cool lounge jazz making you think of long dresses, smoking and cocktails for two. She has a very sensual voice, not animated in any way but 100% natural. You get the impression of a person rather than an aritst and an almost mutual connection. She's there and she's singing for You. Favorite track - "Cry Me A River". Audio shifts a little depending on original recordings, but it's all big, warm, soft and touching. Fits both gentle romantic meetings and lonesome melancholy moments. Premiere US on Liberty (L-5501/S-6601). First UK, issued in mono only, had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (FÄV*) (XLÄ*)

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