måndag 7 december 2015


My first aquantance with the band was through their second album "Puhdys" about two years ago (check earlier post) and I was truly impressed. Fine hard rock with great riffs and a portion good humor. While that can be described as rock with psych interludes this debute is almost the other way around - psych with hard rock intervals - i.e. the overall style is psych with lots of sub-genres appearing, including pop, baroque, music-hall and classic rock. Sometimes reminding of Moody Blues and sometimes Deep Purple, still with unique idiom. My favs are the three hard rock numbers "Vineta", "Tunen Öffnen Sich Zur Stadt" and "Zeiten Und Weiten" - two former with various themes, tempo changes and tons of howling guitars. The latter could be called kraut rock, or how to describe something sounding like Mötörhead with a German singing Ian Gillian on vocals. I don't understand the lyrics, but the odd grip together with top guitars and good audio makes it a keeper and one I actually return to now and then. Eighties release in USSR on Melodia (33C 60 - 09035-36). East German reissue 1980 with same number but different sleeve design. First had label as shown here and thin glossy cover. (BÅC*) (GÖXÄ*) (ÄMY*)

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