lördag 19 december 2015


His first live album, recorded at Anaheim Convention Center in California September 1967 with first release about one year later. Songlist has previous hits as well as a couple of lesser known songs. Setting - including flutes, double bass plus occational, piano, strings and brass - brings a very warm jazzy and friendly atmosphere. His breathy vocals are as cool as ever and the audio on this mono is tophole - big, strong yet natural. All versions are more or less different from earlier ones and not standing back to any of the originals. Recordings handeled by Mickie Most, as I understand remix only without further additions. Like it all and especially the two jazziest versions - "Preachin' Love" and "Mellow Yellow" plus the baroque "Writer In The Sun". Don't have a UK stereo for comparison at the moment, but the superb audio on this coupled with Most's rep as a "mono producer" and the fact that Pye was one of the last UK labels to make separate mixes at least convinces me this is true mono. Premiere US on Epic as stock stereo and mono promo (BN 26386). First UK had label as shown here, thick unflexible vinyl and laminated flip/back cover. (TÖW*) (LYBÖ*) (YMÖ*) (PÖY*)

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