måndag 14 december 2015


Debute album from one of the most famous and biggest selling Motown acts. As first issued 1962 it shows the label's early years before the Holland-Dozier-Holland hit machine entered and a four piece combo, including Barbara Martin, where Diana Ross not alwars was the lead singer. Not so much soul, but pop oriented ballads and up-tempo. To my ears more charming than catchy, still a must for any Motown lover worth the name. Very first came with a "stool cover", but after their breakthrough with the second album "Where Did Our Love Go" reissued with a face pic on front. Found the copy shown here a while ago and it intrigues me. Common knowledge is this second cover version was issued 1964. Having similar rear as the first, a couple with remaining "car" logo below while later got a square one, but all early with same tracking error as first "stool" issue - listing ten of the eleven cuts and then not "Let Me Go The Right Way" and "Time Changes Things", instead "The Boy That Got Away" not on the album. This do have the "car" logo indicating an early press but also the correct track list. The logo, thick vinyl and label design shows one thing and the track list someting else. So how to place it timewise - very early, rather late or maybe one of a kind and thus inestimable. Any Motown expert reading this - please help! (YZÄ*) (ÖXCÅ*) (TÖMÖ*) (ZYZÖ*)

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