fredag 11 december 2015


They were a great success in the sixties and rightfully so. Well written melodies and personal lyrics conveyed through very appealing male/female duets - his dry almost crispy voice supported by her moist melodic - all wrapped in a Phil Spector inspired semi bombastic production. Many singles high on lists world wide back then, popular TV appearances and live performances. Today they may be embraced by an ageing sixties audience - to which I belong - and of some interest to competist collectors of Chér's solo years, but apart from that - nothing. I think it's a pity. The songs are still catchy and everything so well done it's still appealing now almost fifty years later. Time for a revival? This compilation has most of their hits, all original mono mixes and the audio is superb. Premiere US on ATCO (SD/33-219). First UK had label as shown here and laminated cover. (FÄV*) (ÄTHP*)

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